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Facts About The Program

What is the Accelerated Banking Program?

Accelerated Banking consulting is a 1:1 consulting service that'll help you use the accelerated banking strategy (HELOC) to pay off your mortgage. It's customized and tailored to your unique situation. The online courses and our calculator app is also included on top of the consulting service.

Who Needs It?

Homeowners who wants to pay off their mortgage faster without changing their income or lifestyle. We work with homeowners who are concerned about being trapped in debt past their retirement. We work with Homeowners who want to retire free from debt and build a healthy investment.  We even help structure the strategy so that homeowners can be prepared for investing in assets like real estate.

How Does it Work?

Once you enroll, you'll first get access to our online courses, private community, and access to your success coach. Your coach will review your situation and prepare you for the strategy consultant to go over the best possible route and version of the strategy to embark on. Your success coach will continue monitoring your progress. There are total of 5 phases!

Where Does it Take Place?

Each session is completed either through a phone call or a video conferencing call. Each of the session is accompanied by a video material to enhance the experience.  You also get weekly Q&A Coaching & Calls through Zoom.

Will it Work For Me?

As long as you have a computer, internet access, mobile phone, and the commitment to stay focused throughout the program, it can work for you. We have successful clients all over the United States! We're currently taking students ONLY from the United States!

How Long does it take to Complete?

Most of our clients are finished setting up their strategy within 1-2 months. Our clients occassionally come back for a 
check-up/routine call. ALL of our clients have on-going support with our Weekly Q&A Support call. Once completed, we encourage clients to pursue real estate investing as a vehicle for retirement.
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