Accelerated Banking Consulting Service
Need A Personal Help With Using The Accelerated Banking Strategy?

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  • Personal 1:1 Consulting
    You'll be assigned to a certified consultant that'll personally help you use a HELOC or other line of credit to pay off your mortgage.
  • Week-by-Week Coaching Included
    You'll also get our On-Demand Week-By-Week Coaching & Video Library Included. Lifetime Access!
  • Proprietary Sofware Access - For Life 
    You'll also get access to our calculator software to help you track month-to-month results. Add one-time income or expenses, and manage your monthly budgets that affect your pay-off estimates.
  • Safety-Net For Recessions
    Our strategy is not only a "mortgage pay-off" strategy, but it's also a strategy that can help you create a survival safety-net for the hard times ahead.
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Facts About The Program

What is the Accelerated Banking Program?

The accelerated banking consulting is a 1:1 consulting service that'll help you use the accelerated banking strategy (HELOC) to pay off your mortgage. It's customized and tailored to your unique situation. The online courses and our calculator app is also included on top of the consulting service.

Who Needs It?

Homeowners who need that extra help due to time constraints, unique situation(s), and wants to implement the strategy with more confidence and clarity. We have designed this program to hold your hands through each of the steps in the strategy. The program helps homeowners also create a safety net for a recession without sacrificing the progress of paying off the mortgage.

How Does it Work?

Once you enroll, you'll first get access to our online courses if you have no enrolled already. After that, you'll complete a financial assessment. The results will be sent to your consultant for review. After the review, you and the consultant will schedule your first welcome call to go over your finances and decide on which HELOC to apply for.

Where Does it Take Place?

Each sessions are completed either through a phone call or a video conferencing call. You get to keep the online courses which is 100% lifetime access.  You also get weekly Q&A Coaching & Calls.

Will it Work For Me?

As long as you have a computer, internet access, mobile phone, and the commitment to stay focused throughout the program, it can work for you. We have successful clients all over the United States! We're currently taking students ONLY from the United States!

How Long does it take to Complete?

Most of our clients are finished setting up their strategy within 1-2 months. Our clients occassionally come back for a 
check-up/routine call.
Here Are The Testimonials:
Edward M. - An Actual Client
Yuan Chi H. - An Actual Client
Mike L. - An Actual Client
Andrew R. - An Actual Client
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